Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I wanted to talk about Vanities in this blog! I think the best part of having one id decorating it. I had been collecting apothecary jars for quite sometime so I have a few of them. I always say I'll put Halloween candy in them but never do lol! I think makeup is even better. We all have pretty lip glosses and brushes.  Why not display them? I found most of mine at Ross, Michael's, and Chasing Fire Flies ( http://www.chasing-fireflies.com/halloween-glass-jars-28set-of-2-29/holiday-occasion/halloween/decorations/16958)

Garden Ridge has some too! I found my tray and plate at Michael's, and my owls at Ross. 

Now, for the Vanity all of it is from Home Depot. I am no carpenter LOL! My friend is going to start  making them so if you're interested email me and I'll forward you to him. He will be shipping them inside the USA. They are custom.   

I still need to find a chair, but that's the easy part. 

I'm in love! 

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